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Exploratory Survey on Disabilities in Beekeeping

The survey has closed for 2022. Thank you all for participating.

Dr. Brian Wentz (an Information Systems Professor and Accessibility Researcher with Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania) and Justin Ruger (founder of the non-profit organization, Accessible Beekeeping) are conducting a short, exploratory survey of all current and aspiring U.S. beekeepers (18 years of age and older) to learn more about the number of beekeepers and aspiring beekeepers with disabilities, techniques they use to adapt, barriers to beekeeping, and potential ways to make beekeeping more accessible.

Data will be encrypted and stored at Shippensburg University and the survey does not require the input of any personal identifiers of private information.

There are prizes for those who participate to be entered into a drawing to win beekeeping-inspired prizes from businesses around the country. If you would like to participate please follow the link below

Please subscribe to the website to see future work with the nonprofit and check out the forum we are building for beekeepers with disabilities! 

Accessible Beekeeping Logo. Sketched Honey bee siting on honey comb with different images of disabilities in each cell.



Donating 1 copy of Beecabulary Essentials

Andrew Connor is the son of an entomologist, he grew up not wanting to deal with bees. Eleven years ago he finally realized how much fun it is to be a beekeeper.  He has since written a book, Beecabulary Essentials, a book of terms and words with definitions all dealing with beekeeping. He is a social worker specializing in mental health employment counseling.

Frank Mortimer

Donating 1 copy of Bee People and the Bugs They Love

Frank Mortimer is the author of Bee People and the Bugs They Love, (Kensington Publishing, March 2021), an adjunct instructor at the Cornell University Master Beekeeping Program, a Master Beekeeper, and has written multiple articles featured in Bee Culture Magazine.  As president of the Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association—a position held for over a decade—he founded the “Honey Cup," an annual honey tasting competition.  Frank has promoted beekeeping throughout the Northeast by speaking to everyone from school children to gardening clubs and civic organizations.  He has led beekeeping seminars at The New York Botanical Garden, and successfully campaigned for his hometown of Ridgewood to become New Jersey's first “Bee City USA.”  Frank is married, has three children, and beekeeping is something the whole family enjoys doing together.

For more information, please visit

Free Range Art Farm

Donating 1 handmade pottery honey pot

A couple of '80s city kids who decided they wanted to try to be hippies. So they moved out to the country where they share their Free Range Art Farm with ducks, goats, and bees. The art in Free Range Art Farm is Split Apart Art where Thomas hand throws all the pottery and Lulu hand paints all the artistry.

Guardian Bee Apparel

Donating a $249 discount code for any item on the website

All Guardian Bee Apparel veils feature front access zippers to allow full access to your face, without having to remove your gear. Take a quick swig of water, wipe your face, and even release a rogue bee without removing your protective gear. Our veils are secure to our suits and jackets with a full zipper so they can be fully removed, and can be interchanged between all Guardian Bee Apparel suits and jackets.


The 3-layer mesh provides protection from stings while offering breathability. Metal YKK zippers, plus added “zee space” prevent zipper overrun and allow you to work with ease. Whether you prefer a round veil or fencing style veil, ours are designed with your comfort in mind.

HillCo, LLC

Donating a complete wax-dipped two-story hive.

Bearsville Bees

Donating a 10 frame hive (bottom board deep box frames inner cover and telescoping cover).

Nature's Image Farm

Donating bucket feeders and marked 2022 Queen.

Castle Hives

donating a 3D printed model hive

BeeCabulary Essentials Book Cover by Andrew Connor
Bee people and the bugs they love book cover by frank mortimer
Handmade brown glazed honey pot
Two people standing in beekeeping suits from gaurdian bee apparel


For questions or concerns about the survey, you may contact Brian Wentz, Principal Investigator at or 717-477-1147. You may also contact the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania IRB chair, Dr. Todd Whitman at or 717-477-1654.

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