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Experimental Apiary


Our first learning and experimental apiary is located in Virginia. It is used to test different hive types and how they work well for accessibility. There are two main beekeepers working the hives throughout the year, Thomas and Justin. We will include unbiased videos and reports on working with each hive from multiple stand points.

Horizontal Bee Hive tilted 45 degrees painted white.

Horizontal Tilting Hive

Horizontal Bees

North Carolina

This hive was donated from a small company, Horizontal Bees, located in North Carolina. We met Rickey and his wife Ruth at the Hive Life Conference. They graciously modified their design to include an accessible tilt.

Layens Hive

Bearsville Bees

West Virginia

Layens hives have been around for a long time and they offer bonuses when working with honey bees when accessibility is necessary. We met Bob and Joy at W.VA. Beekeeping Conference and they were kind enough to donate a hive for the apiary in Virginia.

Layens hive with glass rear view window.
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