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Agricultural Farms

2024 SARE PDP Grant Recipient


In the United States, Apiculture produces honey, a USDA-recognized specialty crop, and provides pollination resources to farmers across the SARE Southern Region.


Our goal is to provide our historically underserved beneficiaries the knowledge and skills to participate in Apiculture to increase the quality of life and independence for those with disabilities. An added benefit is the increase in honey producers that will participate in supporting the United States economy.


Apiculture is a branch of agriculture that is blossoming and one of the easier branches to modify for someone with limitations.


Our Goal

The goal of this project is to train organizations at multiple
universities and state extensions to increase the quality of life for the historically underserved by training organizations to aid the benefactors in accessible apiculture.



Train agricultural professionals to instruct underserved individuals on how to build and maintain an accessible apiary!


In-person and Virtual Evaluated Trainings

Using an Assistive Technology Professional from National AgrAbility, Accessible Beekeeping will create an evaluation that ensures the professional takes the required understanding and skills from the training!

Training Virtually Available To Everyone

Accessible Beekeeping will record and post videos about accessible apiculture through YouTube in order to reach a broader audience!

honey bee sitting at computer using YouT
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